Videos to Who are the Children in Special Education

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Videos to Who are the Children in Special Education


Videos for Special Educators 

  • Videos for Special Educators: This video was co-developed by and features Taylor Crowe, a young man diagnosed at an early age with autism. Featuring home movie footage shot throughout Taylor’s life, viewers see Taylor as a typical infant and toddler, and then watch the emergence of the language and social characteristics over the preschool years that culminated in the diagnosis of autism. Interviews with Taylor’s speech therapist and with his father add depth, while the most powerful moments of the video are those of Taylor himself speaking about his life and his autism. 
  • Videos for Special Eeducation Professionals: This site is an on-line store offering videos on the topic of alternative assessment for special education students. 
  • Disability Awareness Video: This video uses humorous vignettes to teach about disability awareness. With over 53 million Americans having a disability, large corporations as well as small companies use this outstanding video to train employees, improve customer service and avoid losing talented employees due to ignorance or awkwardness. Human service agencies get "double duty" from this program when they utilize it to train their own staff and the community about disability etiquette. 

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Vocational Assessment Guide for Teachers and Parents - Click Here



  • This article addresses the issues of vouchers.: Milwaukee's voucher program, the country's oldest, has long been seen as a prototype for what, in essence, is a conservative strategy to privatize education under the guise of “choice.” With the U.S. Congress poised to start the first federally funded voucher program next fall in the Washington, D.C., schools, vouchers have once again jumped to the fore of educational debate.  
  • Vouchers-Right or Wrong: This article is about how policymakers on Capitol Hill wrestle with reforming the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Congressional Republicans and a host of conservative think tanks are vocally promoting school vouchers as a potential model for reform. 


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