Q & A about IDEA to Rights of Children with Disabilities

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Q & A about IDEA to Rights of Children with Disabilities



Questions & Answers about IDEA


Questions Often Asked by Parents about Special Education Services

  • An excellent reading and educational source for the parents of your children with disabilities. This site answers most of the questions that parents will have about the special education process.

Recommended Links

  • Marc Sheehan's Special Education /Exceptionality Page: hundreds of links in all areas of special education. One of the best resources on the web.
  • Edvisors.com - The Online Education Resources Directory 

Related Services Overview 

  • This site defines related services and explains how school districts can help those who are eligible for these services.: Students with disabilities may be able to function in a general education program full time with the assistance of supplementary services; may require supplementary services outside of the general classroom, or may require more intensive service, which necessitates placement outside of the general education program. Some students with disabilities require special education and related services; some do not. Economic and cultural disadvantaged conditions are not in themselves, disabilities, which justify special education programming. 
  • Related Services for school aged children with disabilities: This site defines related services, provides examples of related services, covers related services under Section 504, how related services are obtained for students, delivered to the students, how they are coordinated and funded. 
  • This site contains questions frequently asked by parents concerning related services and corresponding answers.: Related services are services that are needed to help a child with a disability benefit from his/her special education or early intervention program (for children under 3, they are called early intervention services). 

Research Based Resources - Click Here


Research in Special Education - Click Here


Resource Rooms Overview 

  • Purpose of the Resource Room: This article states that purpose of the resource concept is to provide educational resources to the exceptional student, his teachers and his parents. These resources make possible the exceptional student’s continued enrollment in the regular classroom.  Included in the resource concept is the resource setting which consists of a student attending resource for one-half to three hours a day. 
  • Adapting the curriculum for children with special needs: This site provides information on how a special education teacher has been managing her Resource Room to more effectively meet the needs of her diverse students. 

Rett’s Syndrome - Click Here 

Rights of Children with Disabilities - Tennessee Department of Education-Division of Special Education-good overview typical of most states(PDF file) - Click Here

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