Journals to Literacy Resources

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Journals to Literacy Resources


Journals in Special Education (Deaf and Special Education Databases) - Click Here


Journals in Special Education (Special Education/Gifted Education) - Click Here




Learning Disabilities - Click Here 


Learning Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities - Click Here 


Learning Styles

  • Chart to determine learning style: This chart helps you determine your learning style; read the word in the left column and then answer the questions in the successive three columns to see how you respond to each situation.
  • Learning styles and multiple intelligences: Individuals learn best in many different ways, sometimes using a variety of learning styles, but teachers and trainers may not always present information & learning experiences in the ways that best suit you.
  • Learning Styles Network: The Learning-Styles Network fosters life-long academic, intellectual, and personal success through the promotion and dissemination of research, information, publications and other resources focusing on learning, teaching, and productivity styles.
  • Learning Styles Inventory: David A. Kolb's Learning Style Inventory describes the way you learn and how you deal with ideas and day-to-day situations in your life. 

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) - Click Here


Lesson Plan Development Sites 

  • A complete guide to online lesson plans for K-12 Teachers: This site has millions of lesson plans on various subject matters including science, social studies, mathematics, reading and writing. 
  • Lesson search engines: The following 11 search engines for lesson plans is a selection of  top rated lesson search engines. New sites are added each month.  
  • Teacher Vision Lesson plan site: This site has various lesson plans on various subject matters including science, social studies, mathematics, reading and writing. 
  • Education World: This site offers lesson plans that have been written by teachers. 
  • TeachersFirst:  a rich collection of lessons and web resources for the K-12 classroom teacher, their students and students’ families. 

Literacy Resources 

  • NICHCY connections to literacy:  is pleased to connect you with sources of information and assistance on literacy. Literacy is knowing how to make meaning from written language by reading, writing, thinking, and communicating.