Resources for Administrators of Special Education

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Resources for Inclusion Teachers

Content/Behavior Strategies

  • Ideas for content area instruction - Dr. Christopher Kliewer, who taught for four years in an inclusive elementary school, offers the following broad outline for an inclusive classroom.
  • What Does an Inclusive Classroom Look Like? - Inclusive classrooms look different all the time because the environment is created by whatever interactions the teacher and students have as a group or as individuals in the group, explains Chris Kliewer, thinking of his second grade classroom in New York.
  • Nine Types of Adaptation for Inclusive Classrooms - This article lists nine ways of adapting curriculum for students with disabilities.

An excellent starting place for all types of resources for inclusion teachers. Examples of site include:

  • The Circle of Inclusion - A site on inclusion for early childhood and primary educators and those who support them. The site tackles topics particular to inclusion among younger children, offering philosophy, pointers for teachers, and suggestions on how to implement inclusion successfully.
  • Inclusive Education Website - A simply-designed site for those who know very little about inclusion. It covers the basic philosophy behind inclusion and the legal requirements for inclusion, plus everything from teacher and administrative strategies to student preparation to financial considerations. There is also a helpful list of other resources which includes books, organizations, and links to sites that carry videos and other helpful materials. A good site to start with if you’re not sure where to begin.
  • The Inclusion Press Home Page - The Inclusion Press is a small, independent Canadian press that produces quality materials about inclusion in schools and community. Their site has lots of inclusion information, both to read on-site and to order. They have the latest news regarding inclusion and strategies for dealing with inclusion problems, as well as the newest books and videos on inclusion. You can order these resources online. Inclusion Press also offers many inclusion workshops, mostly held in Toronto, where the press headquarters is located.