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General Dance/Movement Therapy

  • American Dance Therapy Association - The American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) was founded in 1966 to establish and maintain high standards of professional education and competence in the field of dance therapy. Dance therapy is the therapeutic use of movement to further the emotional and physical integration of a person. The ADTA holds annual conferences and supports formation of regional groups, conferences, seminars, workshops, and meetings. Through such meetings and through its publications it stimulates communication among dance therapists and members of allied professions. Information on training, internships, and registration may be obtained from the Association.
  • The Council for Dance Education and Training - The Council for Dance Education and Training is the national standards body of the professional dance industry. It accredits programmes of training in vocational dance schools and holds the Register of Dance Awarding Bodies – the directory of teaching societies whose syllabuses have been inspected and approved by the Council.
  • National Dance Education Organization - The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) advances dance education centered in the arts. We are the voice of representation for the field in legislatures, schools of dance, PreK-12 schools, and institutions of higher education throughout the country.
  • National Association for Drama Therapy - The National Association for Drama Therapy is a non-profit association incorporated in 1979 to establish and uphold high standards of professional competence and ethics among drama therapists; to develop criteria for training and registration; to sponsor publications and conferences; and to promote the profession of drama therapy through information and advocacy.
  • Dance/Movement Therapy-FAQ - Courtesty of the American Dance Therapy Association.  The American Dance Therapy Association is the only organization solely dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the profession of dance/movement therapy and it is working harder than ever to promote and provide resources for dance/movement therapists.