Professional Resources

AASEP affords its members numerous professional resources.  These include:

Audio Lecture and Power Point Library
Within this section AASEP Members have access to a series of professional Audio Lectures and Power Point Presentation files.

Disability Resources
Membership in AASEP provides you with access to one of the country's most comprehensive and conveniently organized databases on Exceptional Students and Disability Information. This site contains thousands of resources covering all disabilities defined under the Individual's with Disabilities Education Act.

Practical Resources for Special Education Professionals
AASEP provides its members with an extensive resource library of sites and topics that have been identified by special education professionals as being the most relevant issues faced in the field.  This AASEP database is one of the largest sources of information on special education in the United States. 

Legal Issues and Resources
As special educators, it is imperative that you have the ability to gain access to any new changes in the laws that govern your work. At AASEP, we provide all members with an extensive and comprehensive site that covers the most up-to-date information on special education and the law.

Reading Room
AASEP members are provided with an extensive, professional and comprehensive reference library. Here, you can access daily headlines from numerous news services, a comprehensive reference desk with materials such as online dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, medical information, statistics, acronym finder, almanacs, quotations, historic documents and much more as well as access to numerous popular search engines.

Transition Services
If you work with students 14 years of age and older, then you will need to be fully informed of all the areas involved regarding transition services. Knowing what students and parents must face in order to successfully transition into adult life is a crucial part of special education for children ages 14-21. AASEP hopes this section will provide that education and awareness.