Marfan Disease

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  • Marfan syndrome:Overview page providing important information on this topic.
  • National Marfan Foundation
  • Overview of Marfan Syndrome with graphics
  • Quick reference and fact sheet on Marfan syndrome
  • Stanford University Marfan Center
  • Marfan Syndrome-Does diet play a role
  • Marfan List: Marfan-List is an unmoderated email discussion mailing list for anyone interested in the Marfan syndrome or related disorders. Subscribers may include patients with these connective-tissue disorders, family and friends of patients, researchers and health-care workers interested in the Marfan syndrome and related disorders, and anyone else wishing to know more about it. Any topic related to the Marfan syndrome and related disorders is appropriate for discussion.
  • Marfan Syndrome Reference Page: includes links, organizations, support groups, information and more