Congenital Heart Disease

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  • Congenital Heart Diseases:Overview page providing important information on this topic.
  • Overview of congenital heart diseases: An excellent and thorough look at all the necessary information on congenital heart diseases with resources and links.
  • Congenital Heart Information Network: C.H.I.N. is an international organization that provides reliable information, support services and resources to families of children with congenital heart defects and acquired heart disease, adults with congenital heart defects, and the professionals who work with them.
  • Congenital cardiovascular defects: Congenital means inborn or existing at birth. Among the terms you may hear are congenital heart defect, congenital heart disease and congenital cardiovascular disease. The word "defect" is more accurate than "disease." A congenital cardiovascular defect occurs when the heart or blood vessels near the heart don't develop normally before birth. From The American Heart Association.
  • Congenital heart disease: a very thorough guide to the various conditions including graphics. Also includes a tutorial.
  • American Heart Association