Childhood Cancers

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  • Cancers of Childhood:Overview page providing important information on this topic.
  • Unusual cancers of childhood: an excellent list of unusual cancers of childhood with excellent explanations, resources and links.
  • About cancer: When the body's cells become abnormal and duplicate out of control a tumour is formed, these may be cancerous (spreading) or benign (non-cancerous). Normal body cells divide in a controlled and relativly slow rate, in malignant cells the duplication is uncontrolled and often at a very rapid rate. If the tumour (also refered to as a growth or neoplasm) is malignant (spreading) the disease may develop in other parts of the body where secondary tumours may form (known as metastasis). Read much more.
  • Unusual cancers of childhood-Treatment and patient information : from the National Cancer Institute.
  • Childhood cancer: All kinds of cancer, including childhood cancer, have a common disease process - cells grow out of control, become abnormal sizes and shapes, ignore their typical boundaries inside the body, destroy their neighbor cells, and can ultimately spread (or metastasize) to other organs and tissues. As cancer cells grow, they demand more and more of the body's nutrition. Cancer takes a child's strength, destroys organs and bones, and weakens a child's defenses against other illnesses.