AASEP’s Staff Development Courses - Overview

According to the public, the most important characteristic for teachers to possess is to be well-trained and knowledgeable about how to teach effectively (The Essential Profession: A National Survey of Public Attitudes Toward Teaching Educational Opportunity and School Reform, by David Haselkorn and Louis Harris, Recruiting New Teachers).

In an attempt to meet this need, school districts, agencies and private special education schools around the country have turned to the concept of staff development programs for their teachers and other professionals working with children with special needs. However, many of these institutions of learning are facing a practical dilemma in the determination of appropriate programs to meet these crucial needs. According to recent research, school investment yields the greatest increase in student achievement through increasing teacher education. (31st Annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools as reported in Teacher Education Reports newsletter, Vol. 21, No. 16, August 23, 1999, Washington DC: Feistritzer Publications).

In response to this extremely important need by school districts, agencies and private schools,  AASEP is proud to offer one of the most extensive and comprehensive set of Staff Development Courses to meet the needs of Staff Development in today's educational environment. These courses are now available today to public and private schools involved in educating students with special needs. Common sense tells us that better trained, more informed, more qualified, and more knowledgeable teachers will increase the chances of success for a child with special needs. Research backs up these claims and is the main reason why AASEP has moved to develop this comprehensive package involving students with special needs. These courses will provide districts, agencies and schools  everything they will need for teacher education, parent education, staff development, collaboration with other teachers, keeping staff informed of recent changes and requirements in special education law, recent research in the field, and much much more.

AASEP’s Staff Development Courses are held to the highest standards of teacher, parent, and staff education possible.

According to the National Board of Certified Teachers Leadership Survey, 2001, an astonishly 60% of teachers agree that they are dissatisfied with the quantity and quality of on-going staff development opportunities in their schools it is imperative that schools provide the most extensive and practical staff development program possible.  At AASEP, we believe our courses have been designed with every detail in mind to offer you the most comprehensive educational and informational opportunities for your entire district.

However, our Staff Development Courses go even further and offer opportunities for every one associated with children with special needs parents, teachers, other professional staff e.g. school psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language specialists,  administrators.

School District and School Membership Access to AASEP Courses

If you want your entire Special Education Staff to have access to the Staff Development courses and or all the Resources available on AASEP or NASET, please email or call the Membership Department for details about our special School or School District memberships.


Email: membership@aasep.org

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