Professional Development

NASAET/AASEP takes great pride in ensuring that special education professionals are afforded numerous options to enhance their professional development.  AASEP's collaboration with NASET has further enhanced our reach and allow us to provide more resourses and courses to our members. Professionals in the field of special education need to be well informed in their respective fields, and AASEP seeks to enhance this mission.  In order to promote this effort, we have designed two different types of professional development for those interested in continuing their education, knowledge base and/or pursuit of further studies in new areas in the field. 

Board Certification in Special Education (B.C.S.E.)

Overview of AASEP Professional Board Certification in Special Education

NASET/AASEP Board Certification in Special Education - (B.C.S.E.) is a voluntary choice on the part of the candidate. The candidate for Board Certification wishes to demonstrate a commitment to excellence to employers, peers, administrators, other professionals, and parents. From the standpoint of the Academy, board certification will demonstrate the highest professional competency in the area of special education. Board Certification in Special Education establishes a much needed standard for professionals, across disciplines, who work with exceptional children. It is the mission of the Academy to have all of our members achieve Board Certification in Special Education.

NASET/AASEP Board Certification in Special Education represents a professional’s qualifications in a specific field of professional practice in special education. It demonstrates the individual's knowledge and experience and signifies his or her commitment to continued excellence in professional practice. In addition, it increases visibility, builds credibility, and validates expertise with those outside the profession.

NASET/AASEP Board Certification in Special Education exemplifies the highest accomplishment one can attain from the Academy. Board Certification does not replace state licensing. While state licensing systems set entry-level standards for special education professionals, Board Certification from the Academy establishes advanced standards for professionals in the field.

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Professional Development Partners

The American Academy of Special Education Professionals (AASEP) and the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) work together to provide the most comprehensive collection of Special Education Certification programs available.  AASEP and NASET members can realize savings when purchasing certification programs and courses through NASET. Through the use of online lectures and other forms of online learning, this collaborative effort will now provide the highest quality, cutting-edge educational, products and information available. As a professional, the need for concise, accurate information is what you need.  That understanding underlies our mission to provide you with the latest information in the field of special education.

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