Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of The American Academy of Special Education Professionals (AASEP) provides you with numerous benefits. All members of AASEP:

  • are part of a professional academy of professionals exclusively established for those who work with children with special needs. For more information, visit About AASEP.
  • receive the Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP)  The Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP) is the quarterly e-Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals.  This online journal looks towards its members for submission and publication before seeking outside articles of interest.  The Journal of American Academy of Special Education Professionals provides an opportunity for its members to write scholarly articles, as well as present their views on issues pertaining to practice, controversial issues, literary criticism, book reviews, the state of education throughout the world, and any other issues that are relevant to special education professionals.
  • can access our comprehensive website filled with hundreds of  pages and thousands of links conveniently organized with up-to-date information on the following topics:

             Disability Resources 

             Practical Resources for Special Education Professionals

             Legal Issues in Special Education

             Reading Room


    Transition Services

  • have the opportunity to listen to online audio lectures on important topics for special educators.  The Audio Lectures are a great way to get an overview and practical tips for many of the topics that AASEP members face on a continual basis.
  • Are sent the AASEP Monitor via the email.  The AASEP Monitor keeps members current on all of the latest happenings in special education including updates from the U.S. Department of Education, National Institutes of Health, National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities, and many other national organizations.
  • Can access the numerous PowerPoint presentations for their own personal knowledge or for their own use for presentations that they may want to give on a certain topic.
  • receive AASEP Alerts. Throughout the year, members of  AASEP receive numerous AASEP Alerts.  These email Alerts provide members with up to date information about issues happening in special education right when they happen. 
  • Are given the opportunity to take numerous courses in special education at discounted rates to enhance their professional development.  AASEP has established a partnership with Lorman Educational Services to foster the professional development of its members through seminars, online courses, and other forms of professional development.
  • have access to the Career Center , which provides AASEP members with the ability to view current job placements in special education posted by employers throughout the country, career advice, career book resources, career fact sheets, and access to all State Departments of Education
  • have the opportunity to take advantage of and have access to personal, financial, and insurance services by AASEP's professional benefits manager Phil Cracchiola. These include Term life insurance; Long term care; Disability income protection; Educational Funding; and Other Insurance ; Retirement Planning; Helping You Enhance Your Pension; Protecting Your Income in Case of Disability; Estate Planning; Competitively Priced Life Insurance; Tax-Advantaged Insurance Products; Mutual Funds; Long Term Care Insurance Products; Health Insurance; Medicare Supplements; Tax Free Bonds; Annuities; and Mortgage Protection.
  • are kept up to date on numerous professional conferences and events around the country on educational and practical topics in the field of special education.
  • are afforded the opportunity to nominate individuals as well as be nominated for various honors and awards presented annually by AASEP.
  • have the availability of an extensive professional reference library, where you can access daily headlines from numerous news services, a comprehensive reference desk with materials such as online dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, medical information, statistics, acronym finder, almanacs, quotations, historic documents and much more, as well as access to numerous popular search engines and much more.