What are the different ways I can contact AASEP?

There are numerous ways in which to contact AASEP, including email, phone, and fax.  To find all of the ways in which to contact us, Click Here

AASEP Office Hours

An AASEP representative can be reached between 10:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. EST Monday-Friday.

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AASEP After Hours

AASEP has a voice mailbox that is checked every evening.  If you call after 6:30p.m. and need someone from AASEP to reach you, leave a message in the AASEP voice mailbox and someone from AASEP will get back to you within 24 hours.

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When does my AASEP membership begin and end?

Your membership begins the moment AASEP processes your application.  If you registered for one year, your membership expires that same day, the following year.  For example, if you joined on September 10, 2015, your membership would expire at 12:01 a.m. September 10, 2016. If you registered for two years, your membership expires that same day, two years later.  For example, if you joined with a 2-year membership on September 10, 2015, your membership would expire at 12:01 a.m. September 10, 2017.

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Are there different membership categories? What are the fees?

The membership categories that AASEP has established are:

Professional Academy Membership- open to certified or licensed special Professionals and College/University Professors.
$59.00 one year
$95.00 two years

Affiliate Academy Membership - open to:
Non-certified or non-licensed professionals working with children with special needs
$59.00 one year
$95.00 two years

Student Academy Membership - open to any undergraduate/graduate student
$50.00 one year
$85.00 two years

International Academy Membership - Open to any professional, affiliate or student working with individuals with special needs outside the United States or Canada
$59.00 one year
$95.00 two years

Library Membership - Open to College and University Libraries website access with subscription to The Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP)

Contact AASEP Membership Department for details and more information. membership@aasep.org or 1-800-754-4421 ext 101

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How do I know which membership is the right one for me?

AASEP membership categories are very specific.  After reviewing the different categories, it will hopefully be clear which type of membership is appropriate for you.  However, if you are still unsure, contact us via email at membership@AASEP.org.

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How long does it take to process my membership application?

Online memberships are processed immediately.  You should receive a confirmation email very shortly after joining or renewing with AASEP.  Applications received via U.S. mail or fax are processed within 24 Hours of receipt at our membership office.  You will receive an email confirmation from AASEP when your application is processed and your membership is activated.

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Can I get a receipt for my dues payment?

Of course.  You will get an immediate online receipt as soon as you register.  However, if you want a paper receipt from AASEP for your records, fax or mail your request to the Membership Department, or simply send us an email to membership@AASEP.org informing of exactly what you need.

What are other ways that I can join or renew?

You can also send in a completed application form with a check, money order or credit card information.  Download the application form and send it to AASEP Membership Department, 3642 E. Sunnydale Drive, Chandler Heights, AZ 85142 

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Can I renew my membership online?

Absolutely. Members will see that if you want to renew your membership, simply go to the “Renew My Membership” navigation site on the home page under Membership.  Non members have no access to this site, and therefore the page is blank.  However, members can renew their membership by simply completing the Renew My Membership form and submitting it to AASEP via the internet. If your membership has expired you can simply contact the Membership Department via fax or telephone to renew.

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How do I change my personal information?

To change any personal information (e.g., address, phone number, email address), click on the Change Your Personal Information link on the Membership Navigation Site.  This navigation link is only visible to members who have logged in, and cannot be viewed by non-members.

What happens if I can’t log in as a member?

If you have any problems with logging in, you may want to double check your user name and password. You can easily receive this at the email address you used when you joined AASEP. To automatically retrieve your user information go to this link: "Forgot Your Password?" click on this link and fill in your email address. An automated response will be generated to your email address. If still encounter difficulty, immediately email us at membership@aasep.org.  In most cases we will respond within hours depending upon the hour of your request for assistance, but in all cases we will respond to your concerns within 24 hours and try to take care of the problem immediately.

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I forgot my membership user login and/or password. How can I access this information?

There is an automated response feature available 24 hrs a day. You will find this feature on the Membership Area of the home page a menu selection “Forgot Your User Name or Password”. Simply complete the required information and your User Name and password will be returned via email immediately. Another option is to send an email to the Membership Department (membership@aasep.org) or call us at 1-800-754-4421 ext. 101.

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I am a Student Member and I’ve graduated. Do I have to change my membership?

Yes and No-If you have been graduated, you may finish out your membership year as a student.  Then, when time for renewal, you must register with the appropriate category.

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What types of professional development courses, seminars, and other materials does AASEP offer its members?

The American Academy of Special Education Professionals (AASEP) announces a new partnership with Lorman Education Services to promote the professional development of special education professionals throughout the world.  This collaborative effort will now provide the highest quality, cutting-edge educational seminars, products and information through various forms of media.

AASEP’s joint partnership with Lorman Education Services will benefit all professionals in the field of special education. In addition to the benefits of professional development, membership in AASEP provides discounted pricing for all purchases made through Lorman.

Lorman Education Services organized its first successful continuing education seminar for professionals in 1987. Since then, thousands of seminars have served professionals in the United States and internationally, keeping them current on the most pressing topics in a rapidly changing marketplace of ideas.
As a professional, the need for concise, accurate information is what you need.  That understanding underlies each seminar, presenting the latest information on the laws and regulations critical to your profession.

The faculty for our professional development courses and training is among the leading professionals you respect in your area. We have taken the time to recruit professionals who work daily with the critical issues in your field. Moreover, each seminar receives our painstaking attention to be certain both the faculty and participants receive the individual attention necessary to achieve maximum benefit from the materials. 

The Professional Development services we offer include:

  • Seminars
  • Teleconferences
  • Bookstore and Online Learning

To learn more about AASEP’s Professional Development courses, Click Here

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What types of publications do members of AASEP receive?

AASEP offers its members a wide variety of publications covering numerous topic areas in the field of special education.  These include:

Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP)

The Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP) is a new online journal committed to advancing the professional development of special education professionals through research, policy, and practice.  JAASEP is a multi-faceted electronic journal that seeks new contributions based on original work of practitioners and researchers with specific focus on or implications for the field of special education. The content of JAASEP is likely to be of interest to college or university faculty, school administrators, educational evaluators, psychologists, special education teachers, psychiatrists, medical doctors, directors of special education services, directors of early intervention agencies, infant-toddler service coordinators, transition service coordinators, speech and language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, educational lawyers, and all other practitioners and professionals in the field of special education.  To learn more about the Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP), Click Here

AASEP Monitor

In order to keep up to date with the most current information in the field of special education, AASEP provides its members with the AASEP Monitor.  At a minimum of six times a year, AASEP members receive this electronic news service of all the latest information in the field of special education.  The AASEP Monitor informs readers of the latest issues in special education, challenges readers about some of the most critical issues in special education, and is both practical and reader-friendly.  To learn more about the AASEP Monitor, Click Here


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