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The Effects of Special Education Training on Educator Efficacy in Classroom Management and Inclusive Strategy Use for Students with Autism in Inclusion Classes

Lynn D. Parsons, Ph.D., Heather Miller, Ph.D. and Aaron R. Deris, Ph.D.


The Effectiveness of Using a Social Story Intervention to Improve Social Interaction Skills of Students with Autism

Mohammed Al zyoudi, Oshua Al Murhairi, Enas Olimat and Abedsalm Al zyoudi


Preventing and Responding to Student Escalation: Combining De-Escalation Strategies and Function-Based Support

Chelsea Martel and Brian Cavanaugh, Ed.D.


Teaching Sam to Read: An Integrated Team Approach with One Child with ASD

Gail Coulter, Ph.D. and Roger Sasnett, Ph.D.


High Stakes Testing in the 21st Century: Implications for Students in Special Education

Lola Gordon, Ed.S.


Identifying and Correcting Barriers to Successful Inclusive Practices: A Literature Review

Marquis C. Grant, M.Ed., Ed.D. and Kimberly Michelle Jones-Goods, MPS, Ph.D.


Cameras in Self-Contained Classrooms: Legal, Professional and Student Implications

Ashlee Ivie


Effects of an Intervention on Math Achievement for Students with Learning Disabilities

Vivian D. Kitchens, Ph.D., Aaron R. Deris, Ph.D. and Marilyn K. Simon, Ph.D. 


Crossing Borders and Building Bridges: A Video Ethnography of Special Education in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

John Lowdermilk, Ph.D., Mrs. Julie Pecina, Cheryl Fielding, Ph.D. and Mrs. Lisa Beccera


Evaluating and Using Literature Including People with Disabilities in All Classrooms

Mary Ellen Oslick, Ph.D. and Mary Pearson, Ph.D.


A Pilot Examination of the Adapted Protocol for Classroom Pivotal Response Teaching

Aubyn C. Stahmer, Ph.D., Jessica Suhrheinrich, Ph.D. and San Diego State University


Principals and Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Inclusion in Israel

Dr. Itay Hess, Dr. Sara Zamir and Ben- Gurion


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