Comparing Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and Piers-Harris 2 Scores of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Terrence Rainer Chisolm, Ph.D., CBGT

Clinton College



In this quantitative, archival study, academic achievement and self-concept scores were compared for middle-school students with EBD based on whether the students had been placed into a self-contained learning environment (SCLE) or a mainstreamed least restrictive environment (MLRE).  Academic achievement scores and self-concept scores for 2007 were compared between the two groups (n = 70 for each group), with 2005 scores used as a baseline.  The findings of the study demonstrated that when students with EBDs are given an opportunity with highly skilled professional staff members trained in both mental health therapy and special education, improvements are possible.  In addition, this study enhanced both the broken-glass and Social, Academic, and Cognitive (SAC) theories by demonstrating the potential of integrating academic skills with emotional and behavioral support.  Additional research is needed to investigate more intensive and innovative strategies designed to help students with EBDs succeed academically and socially.

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