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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Examining General Education and Special Education Teacher Preparedness for Co-Teaching Students with Disabilities

Cindy Causey, Lina Soares, Catherine S. Howerter, and Peggy Shannon-Baker

“I’m not Prepared”: Experiences of Professionals Working with Students with Disabilities and Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders

Megan Fujita, Grace L. Francis, and Jodi Duke

I-CARE: A Scaffolded Instructional Approach to Teach Teachers and Staff Self-Care Practices within Juvenile Justice Facilities

Sara Sanders, Skip Kumm, Brandis M. Ansley, and Kristine Jolivette

Increasing Pre-service Special Education Teacher Skills on Performance Feedback

Tosha L. Owens, Melissa E. Hudson, and Karen S. Voytecki

Using Video Self-Monitoring to Improve Teacher Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Selena J. Layden, Annemarie L. Horn, and Kera E. Hayden

Understanding How Individuals Overcome Their Dyslexia: Struggles, Turning Points in Life, and Advice

Nai Cheng Kuo, Karin M. Fisher, Jennifer Jones, Sara Hillis, I-Chien Chen, and Keonna Stanley

Special Educators’ Perceptions of High-Leverage Practices

Cynthia Ann Farley and Rhonda S. Black

Paraeducators: An Important Member of Educational Team for Students with Disabilities

Sarah N. Douglas, Ryan P. Bowles, and Rebecca Kammes, Ph.D.

Individualized Rating Scales of Engagement during Group Exercise Activities for Children with Multiple and Severe Disabilities: A Process Description and Case Series

Eydie Kendall, Karren Streagle, and Tania Helbert

Transforming the Narrative Identity of a Student with Extensive Support Needs Using Multiliteracies

Sudha Krishnan

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