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Attitudes among Vietnamese Educators Towards Students with Disabilities and Their Implications Relative to Inclusive Practices: The Findings of a Preliminary Investigation
Vance L. Austin



An Exploration of Instructional Support Use in a Secondary Science Classroom
Doris Kennedy Tyler



Students with Sickle Cell Anemia Participating in Recess
Matthew D. Lucas & Katharine M. Devlin



Who Does the Alternate Assessment Really Assess?
Debra Bruster



Exploring Transition Education and Community-Based Instruction for High School Students with Disabilities: A Practice in Taiwan
Cheng-Chen Pan



Correlates of Attitudes Toward Academic and Physical Inclusive Practices for Students with Disabilities and Selected Leadership Behaviors Among Middle School Principals in North Carolina
Mary A. Houser, Virginia Dickens & Terence Hicks



Study of Thai Language Oral Reading Problems for Students with Down Syndrome: Grade Range 1
Nantawan Kaewchote & Maturos Chongchaikit



Podcasting and Digital Video in the Classroom: A Call for Research
John H. Newman



Students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Participating in Recess
Rebecca Scheel & Matthew D. Lucas



Differentiating for Struggling Readers and Writers: Improving Motivation and Metacognition through Multisensory Methods & Explicit Strategy Instruction
Jennifer Walet



Extracurricular Activities and 504 Plans
George Wilkerson



Using an Accountability Tool to Improve the Quality of Outcomes on Individual Family Service Plans
Kristen M. Votava, Carol Johnson , & Kari Chiasson

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