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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Educational Leaders’ Perspectives on their Preparation, Practice, and Professional Development in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Jodi Drury, Michael P. Krezmien, Kristine A. Camacho, and Alicia Gonzales

Where is the Paraeducator Content in Introductory Special Education Textbooks?

Sarah N. Douglas, Denise J. Uitto, Sophia D’Agostino

Classroom Membership: What Does That Mean Exactly?

Dr. Katie Heath

Teaching Middle School Students with Disabilities to Solve Multi-Step Equations using the Hands-On Equations System

Thomas C. Hendrickson, & Annemarie Horn 

The Impact of a Community-University Partnership Program on Special Education Teacher Training in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Emily R. Shamash & Alyson M. Martin

The Practices of Teachers in the Development of Post-Secondary Skills in Students with Learning Disabilities

Sara Taylor

Using Social Stories to Decrease Negative Behaviors in Students with Autism and Other Disabilities

Vivian C. Williams

Using Technology-Based Interventions to Improve the Social-Communication Skills of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Nicole Anthony & Cynthia Wooten

Association of Intellectual Risk Taking with Science Achievement of Gifted Students and Comparison of their Intellectual Risk Taking in Different Grades and Gender

Mustafa Serdar Köksal, Esra Açikgül Firat & Gamze AKKAYA

Applying Empathy Curriculum to Enhance the Role of the Paraprofessional for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Christopher Russel & Soribel Genao

Teaching Children with SMA 1 to Expressively Communicate Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems: Extending Functional Communication Teaching Using a Model of Verbal Behavior

Cheryl Ostryn

What School Psychologists Should Know About Multiple Sclerosis

Ashley N. Phillips & Denise E. Maricle

Increasing Independent Toileting in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities: A Systematic Review

Vicky G. Spencer & Meghan Ello

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