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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

What Parents Tell Their Post-Secondary Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities about Money

Joanne Caniglia, Yvonne Michali, Michelle Meadows, & Davison Mupinga

The Perceived Effectiveness of Using Mindfulness as a Strategy for Special Educators in Coping with the Stress of their Work Environment 

Lisa Ciraldo

The Influence of Introductory Coursework on Preservice Teachers’ Sense of Self-efficacy Towards Teaching in an Inclusive Classroom

Moriah Smothers, Tori Colson, Nina Yssel, & Linda Taylor

Insights Gained from Special Education Pre-Service Teachers Interviewing Paraprofessionals

Rob Schulze

Experiences of Special Educators in Creating Opportunities for Students to Practice Self-Determination

Kaitlyn M. Millen, Lori Y. Peterson, Jason Robinson, & Timothy M. Luff

Examining the Effectiveness of Fidgets on Attention of Elementary Students with ADHD

Leslie A. Mathews, Kimberly J. Osmani, & James E. Martin

Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cross-cultural Variability in Personal Identity

Dr. Aftab Khan & Dr. Michel Ferrari

The Development of AISSEND: An Observation Tool to Assess Inclusive Practices 

Randa G. Keeley, Rebecca Alvarado-Alcantar, & David W. Keeley

Exploring Factors Related to Burnout among Special Education Teachers in Specialized Schools

Dr. Oksana Huk & Dr. Brian Cesario

Services for Young Children with Disabilities in Romania in the Post-Communist Era

Luminita Hartle, Amanda Quesenberry, & Sharon Doubet

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