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Implementation of a Post-Secondary Inclusive Recreation Program

Chris Brown, Ph.D., John David Johnson, Ph.D. & Ibrahim Z. Elsawy, Ph.D. 

Strengthening Social and Emotional Intelligences Through Writing

Jeanne Hager Burth, Ed.D. & Michelle McConnell, B.S. 

Let’s Get Parents Ready for Their Initial IEP Meeting

Helen Hammond & Lawrence Ingalls

Preparing Preservice Teachers for Inclusive Classrooms: A State-Wide Survey of Teacher Education Faculty

Lucinda Anne Lang, Ph.D. & Sherry Mee Bell, Ph.D.

Are We Practicing What We Are Preaching? An Evaluation of Self-Determination Instructional Components in IEPs at a Midwestern High School

Nancy Lopez, Ed.D. & Julia B. Stoner, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

STRETCH (Students Ready To Make Change): Making a Difference in the Lives of Students

Twila Lukowiak, Ed.D., James Ghareeb, B.S., Sarah Wadi, B.S., Samantha Stanis, B.S. & Jack Walter

Effects of Activity Schedules on Challenging Behavior for Children with Autism

Dr. Rachel Scalzo, Dr. Tonya N. Davis, Regan Weston, Elizabeth Dukes, Dana Leeper, Nandar Min, Allen Mom, Jessica Stone & Alex Weber 

Alternative Approaches to IEP Conflict: A Review of the Literature

Laura Sinkonis, M.Ed. 

Evaluating the Validity and Reliability of a Student Self-Advocacy Teacher Rating Scale

Christopher M. Walick, Ph.D.  

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