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The Psychological, Behavioral, and Educational Impact of Immigration: Helping Recent Immigrant Students to Succeed in North American Schools

Thomas McIntyre, Ellis I.Barowsky & Virginia Tong



High Anxiety: Addressing Family Issues in the Transition of Students with Disabilities from Middle Grades to High School

Nancy Brigham & Cynthia M. Aguilar



Identifying and Helping Struggling Readers

Antonio Hairston




Research in Reading Interventions for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Thienhuong Hoang & Michael Oshiro



Personal Epistemology and Self-Efficacy in the Special Education Teacher

Bradley W. Johnson



Cooking for Independence: Middle School Students Gain Skills While Cooking

Gloria Mixon



A Student’s Guide to Navigating the IRB: How to Successfully Navigate a Potentially Overwhelming Process

Corinne M. Murphy & Claire Verden



Teacher Candidates’ Knowledge of Special Education Law

Pamela Sanders, M.Ed.



A Veteran Special Education Teacher and a General Education Social Studies Teacher Model Co-teaching: The CoPD Model

Karen A. Thomas-Brown & Peggy Sepetys



How Do Job Related Field Experiences Affect Job Readiness in Secondary Transition Students?

Michelle Uetz


Using Music to Increase Math Skill Retention

Catherine Yoho

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