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Identifying Elementary Asperger’s Students Rural America
Barton Allen, Vito Loiacono & James S. Vacca

Rise to the Challenge: Examining the Relationship of Swimming & Autism Spectrum Disorders
Elizabeth P. Kuhfuss & Matthew D. Lucas

Preservice General Education Teachers’ Attitudes and Knowledge of Special Education
Patricia Mahar, Katherine Terras, Kari Chiasson, Lynne Chalmers, & Tricia Lee

Multiple-Choice Tests with Correction Allowed in Autism: An Excel Applet
Elisabetta Monari Martinez

The Use of Assistive Technology for People with Special Needs in the UAE
Abdurrahman Ghaleb Almekhalfi & Sana Tibi

Punishment Strategies: First Choice or Last Resort
Twila Lukowiak & Jennifer Bridges

Picture Exchange Communication System for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Lauren E. Andersen

Special Education is Broken
Lacie Rader

Locus of Control, Interest in Schooling and Science Achievement of Some Deaf and Typical Secondary School Students in Nigeria
R. Ademola Olatoye & E. Mosunmola Aanu, M.Ed.

Educational Solutions for Children with Cerebral Palsy
Lynn Driver, Donna Riccio Omichinski, Nicole Miller, Danielle Sandella, & Seth Warschausky

Teachers’ Perceptions on Special Education Preparation: A Descriptive Study
Clarissa E. Rosas & Kathleen G. Winterman

Comparison of Metacognitive Strategies Used by Individuals with ADHD in Online Instruction
Victoria Brown

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