Incorporating Research Based Strategies to Empower Educational Staff in Supporting Students with EBD

Cathy A. Bradley
Courtney Degler
Larry Zamora
Michael Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

New Mexico State University



Creation of biases and stereotypes has led to individual and institutional discrimination of students who are emotionally and behaviorally disturbed (EBD). The lack of supports and under utilized research based techniques by educational staff has major implications on the success of students with EBD in various settings. Providing appropriate interventions to students with EBD will assist in building student’s self-esteem and increase capacity. Moreover, school staff can directly impact the student’s value-expression function providing a perception of acceptance in the school social culture increasing positive student engagement (Blumenfeld & Raymond, 2000, Nieto & Boyd, 2008). The purpose of this article is to provide the history of EBD and educational laws, discuss importance of collaboration and role of the Multi-Disciplinary Team, and discuss three recommendations to improve the outcomes of students identified as EBD.

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