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Special Education Teacher Prepares Students for the Real World

Posted: 03/02/17 20:27

As a special education teacher at Randolph Central School (RCS), Melissa Sohl is on a mission to prepare each one of her students to be a functioning adult in the community and to live as independently as they can. Over her 19 years of teaching at RCS, her biggest challenge has been teaching students with very different learning disabilities. To prepare her students who are in grades 7, 8 and 9 for the real world, Sohl sends the parents an age-specific checklist of abilities that will serve their children as they grow into independent adults. By looking at what the parents check off on the list, she can see what the child has mastered and what she needs to work on over the course of the year. The list is sent to the parents quarterly to see if their child has mastered any new skills at home. She said this really puts into perspective the things the child should be able to do. "Everything is focused on academics with all kids, but what about the life skills that will carry them through their entire lifetime? We're trying to get all kids to transition from school to work," she said. Read More