Saturday, May 26

Fidgeting is OK in this Grand Island Classroom

Posted: 03/23/17 11:29

A first-grade classroom at Grand Island's Charlotte Sidway Elementary has been transformed into a "multi-sensory learning space," a design which encourages a variety of learning styles - including fidgeting. The classroom includes wobble seats, ball and cube chairs, rugs, a couch, standing desks, balance boards, and low tables which allow a child to sit on the floor or kneel while working, according to teaching assistant Kim Groff. The learning space is a combination of two classroom styles, which allows students to move between stations in small learning group activities. Standard desks and chairs are still there in one room, but the 36 students, some of whom are special education students, can also use a second room, where students can be seen jiggling atop giant stability balls, wiggling on balance boards or sunken into bean bag chairs. Read More